Double Dog is getting great press! Check out this article from Tech Times.

The article reveals that Double Dog  was created before the movie Nerve was even know to the developers,

The app’s creators at Flying Manta revealed that Double Dog was developed independently, with the team working on it since the beginning of this year. Talk about good timing to have it released alongside what will probably be a big summer movie.

It also talks about the app’s safety features.

“The system is built in such a way so that the person initiating the dare cannot dare anyone to do something crazy because when you send a dare out, if the guy receiving the dare doesn’t want to do it, the dare comes back to you,” Rodrigo Carvalho, Flying Manta co-founder and CEO told Tech Times. “And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you have to chicken out. And then when that happens, you have to pay three times the original amount of the dare.”

The team also relies on user moderation to control the level of dares to prevent people from pushing the envelope, much like a forum where people can report and flag users or dares and the system takes action.

As a result, the dares on the platform—no matter how bizarre some can be—are all in good fun.

The author,  Lauren Keating, enthusiastically endorses the app.

Check it out for free for iOS and Android—we double dog dare you.