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Is Nerve a Real Game?

Is NERVE a real game? Quora wants to know.

What do you think? Post your answer here.

Some might argue that though NERVE is real, it is NOT A GAME.

nerve movie

Real life action!



I Dare You to Get a Tattoo

How much would someone have to pay you to get a tattoo?

According to this article, someone got paid $2000 to do it. Sounds like worthwhile dare to me.

Guy Completes a Dare and Gets $2,000

Guy makes $2,000 on a double dog dare



Lionsgate Apps

With the impending release of Nerve (2016) and a promised release of a related promotional app, it’s about time we take a look at other Lionsgate apps.

Here are the Lionsgate Android and iOS apps.

My favorite, at least in concept, is Horrorgram, which allows you to add filters and background images from Lionsgate’s horror flicks to your selfies. Unfortunately it has not been maintained at all and only provides a few minutes’ worth of genuine entertainment.

The rest are either straight up advertisements (Mockingjay VR, Insurgent, etc.) or mediocre adventure games (Girl on Fire, Gods Of Egypt, etc.). The games have decent reviews and probably are fun for diehard fans of their respective movies.

Nerve is about an app. The app totally central to the story’s appeal. So Lionsgate, it would behoove you not to screw up the coming Nerve app.

The Dirty 30 Challenge

The How To Play page on this site is really just the tip of the iceberg. A Double Dog user wrote a fantastic blog post on Double Dog Blog about how he and another one of the Top Dogs use the app to create an rich dare experience.

They call it The Dirty Thirty Challenge.

The Dirty 30 Challenge is 15 Dares to be completed in 30 Minutes. Once you open the 1st Dare, the timer starts. You can only open 3 Dares at a time. No Double Dares back. Any Dare not completed in 30 Minutes MUST be dared back. This challenge is for Pride.

Wow. Pretty intense! That’s like a competitive version of Nerve.

Welcome to The Nerve App

Welcome to The Nerve App. This site is about bringing Nerve, the book and the movie, to life.

In its fictional form, the Nerve app is mostly used as a plot device. Its potential is much greater than that though. and it only stands to reason that it or something very much like it should exist in reality.

The best actual dare app on the market right now is Double Dog. The film’s producers may come out with an app of their own, but it remains to be seen whether it will be any more than a promotional gimmick.

Stay posted for news and commentary on dares, dare apps, and the Nerve revolution!

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