As you know, I panned the official Nerve app in an earlier post for being a pure promotional tool. Users of the app can’t do dares, send dares, or get paid.

Apparently lots of other people concur. I’ve taken a screenshot of the Apple App Store page and quoted a couple of the comments. They are pretty harsh.


nerve app rating


I wanted it to be more like the movie. Something where we, actual people can do the dare and get points for it. And if you refused to do the dare, you lose a variety of points, depending on how big a deal that dare was. And don’t have stupid kiddy ones. Simple but awesome and only some semi-dangerous ones. Like you insert your biggest fear and it dares you to face that fear in a variety of ways. Example: scared of heights? Go to the highest place you can where your at. Scared of spiders? Go to a pet shop and hold the biggest spider they have. Just not crap like, oh go jump over this chair. Most people using this will probably be teens and older, and trust me, we can handle it. Or at least most of us can. I just want it to be more like the movie tbh…


I agree with everyone when it is a cool app but there should be an actual update or even a different app where you can do dares (of course not ones that could get you killed) I think that the “Players” should get in game money to purchase new characters and dares that said characters can do. You should keep the Virtual reality thing because it is really cool. I suggest adding a feature where you can do simple yet exciting dares. Maybe like “Walk around and pretend to talk on the phone about a dead body.” Overall the app is pretty cool even thought the dares that Vee and Sid do are just climbing a freaking ladder.


There is a different app where you can actually do dares. Check out Double Dog. It’s very innovative and incorporates most of the key features of NERVE from the book and movie.