With the impending release of Nerve (2016) and a promised release of a related promotional app, it’s about time we take a look at other Lionsgate apps.

Here are the Lionsgate Android and iOS apps.

My favorite, at least in concept, is Horrorgram, which allows you to add filters and background images from Lionsgate’s horror flicks to your selfies. Unfortunately it has not been maintained at all and only provides a few minutes’ worth of genuine entertainment.

The rest are either straight up advertisements (Mockingjay VR, Insurgent, etc.) or mediocre adventure games (Girl on Fire, Gods Of Egypt, etc.). The games have decent reviews and probably are fun for diehard fans of their respective movies.

Nerve is about an app. The app totally central to the story’s appeal. So Lionsgate, it would behoove you not to screw up the coming Nerve app.