For your convenience, some common questions are answered right here.

In Nerve, though the dares Players receive can be influenced by the commentary of the Watchers, all dares ultimately come from the sinister organization that controls the app.


The P2P version essentially lets the Watchers create the dares directly. Additionally, it incorporates the idea of double daring, so that a Watcher would be insane to create a dare that he/she would not be willing to do (at the right price of course).

These FAQ’s pertain to the P2P dare game in the Double Dog app.

In terms of movies, this is a mix between Nerve (2016) and Triple Dog (2010).


Q: How does the dare process work?

A: As explained in the diagram below.


Q: What is dare roulette?

A: Roulette dares can be accepted by anyone.

Q: What is a dare group?

A: A group is a chat between two or more users wherein dares take place.

Q: Can I mute notifications?

A: Yes. While in a dare group, double tap the ellipsis on the top right and choose Mute.

Q: What is a dare proof?

A: The image or video submitted to show that a dare has been completed.

Q: What is a dare idea?

A: It is a dare’s call to action, e.g. “Juggle raw eggs.”

Q: Who can see my dares ideas and proofs?

A: You are in full control. Members of the group in which you created them can see them, as well as anyone else you choose to share them with.

Q: Why does my ranking reset every week?

A: Top ranked users win Double Dog swag every week. The competition begins anew at each Sunday at midnight UTC.

Q: How can I rank #1?

A: Perform and create dares. Entertaining dare proofs and creative dare ideas will move you up in rank.


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