Social media dare games are the next big thing. They are also the next big concern for parents, or at least that’s what makers of parental control software would have you believe.

the dare meets all the requirements for “silly” things kids have done for centuries. There’s an element of risk, proof that you did it, and the acclaim that comes from stepping up to a challenge

The billion dollar industry that makes parental control software is gearing up for a full scale, profit seeking attack on dare culture. What does this mean for fans of Nerve?

It means dare apps will need to have  safety mechanisms built in.  The Double Dog app does this well. It is built around a patented dare process that gives the recipient of the dare an option to “double dog dare” it back, thus removing dare initiator’s incentive to send dares s/he wouldn’t be willing to perform.

Less sophisticated dare apps could come under pressure though.

As the success of the movie Nerve has demonstrated, dare culture is on the rise and no parental control feature will stop that. People of all ages want a new way of expressing themselves online. Social media will either catch on or be eclipsed.