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Nerve Movie Poster

The movie poster is out!

nerve movie poster

Along with it, Collider got to do some Q&A with the directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

And they asked the essential question:

Do you think something like Nerve is close to becoming a reality?

The directors responded that hopefully “if something like Nerve does pop up, it will have stricter rules.”

That’s more or less what the Double Dog app is. It is a lot like the Nerve movie, but Watchers can’t send an outrageous dare without the possibility that it will be double dared back, making them into Players.

The fluidity between the roles of Watcher and Player adds exciting and also enhances safety.

Welcome to The Nerve App

Welcome to The Nerve App. This site is about bringing Nerve, the book and the movie, to life.

In its fictional form, the Nerve app is mostly used as a plot device. Its potential is much greater than that though. and it only stands to reason that it or something very much like it should exist in reality.

The best actual dare app on the market right now is Double Dog. The film’s producers may come out with an app of their own, but it remains to be seen whether it will be any more than a promotional gimmick.

Stay posted for news and commentary on dares, dare apps, and the Nerve revolution!

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