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Double Dog App Review

Here is a great review of the Double Dog App. The reviewer actually ranked 3rd in the weekly competition, so he really know the app well. He’s still active too. Dare him (d00ditsjeremy)!

Is There An Actual App Like Nerve?

Is there an actual app that lets people compete for cash and glory? Is it legal? Is it real?

The risque new app that describes itself as “truth or dare minus the truth” is Double Dog, and it is not affiliated with the movie Nerve

This app is too fresh for the corporate studios to handle. It is cutting edge tech driving cutting edge culture.

And it’s already here. Dive in!


How NERVE Ends

Spoiler Alert

Nerve the book, and presumably the movie as well, end with a standoff.

What’s happening on the real life Nerve app called Double Dog? Same thing.

Okay, okay. Admittedly this is more tame 🙂


The Dirty 30 Challenge

The How To Play page on this site is really just the tip of the iceberg. A Double Dog user wrote a fantastic blog post on Double Dog Blog about how he and another one of the Top Dogs use the app to create an rich dare experience.

They call it The Dirty Thirty Challenge.

The Dirty 30 Challenge is 15 Dares to be completed in 30 Minutes. Once you open the 1st Dare, the timer starts. You can only open 3 Dares at a time. No Double Dares back. Any Dare not completed in 30 Minutes MUST be dared back. This challenge is for Pride.

Wow. Pretty intense! That’s like a competitive version of Nerve.

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